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De Sink wants their Website is as accessible as possible based on standards W3C and the strict fulfillment of the guidelines of accessibility W.A.I.

This site has been tested by the following tools of accessibility having result pages with accessibility of level 3 or AAA.

The short cuts of the keyboard, direct links or accesskey for the main connections of navigation in all the Web of De Sink are:

  • Skip Menu -> s
  • Homepage -> h
  • Our work -> 1
  • Products & services ->2
  • Contact us -> 3
  • English -> 4
  • valid XHTML -> x
  • valid CSS-> c
  • Accessibility -> a

The way to accede to the keyboard short cuts will vary based on the navigator and of the operating system from which they are used:

  • Explorer: Alt + tecla + enter.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Alt + tecla.
  • Nestcape navigator: Alt + tecla.
  • Opera: Shift+Esc+tecla

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